Label UP! for Confluence

Main features

Label UP! does page labelling for you. It is smart and it “reasons” the way you would. It analyses the content of the page, considers the information and evaluates what the content is about.

Based on that it gives you a list of top label suggestions which you can just accept with one single click and the page is labelled for you. Of course if you want to have more control and tune up the list of labels before applying it to the page, by all means. See our documentation for a full list of features.

Have you ever created a page in Confluence and couldn’t find it a couple of days later? Did you search for it using words or pieces of phrases you thought you remembered writing in it? What if you want to find all content relevant to a specific topic or find all documents of a certain type? You might want to setup a knowledge base either internal or for your clients.

It might be impossible, if the pages are not labelled properly. With Label UP! it is so easy to make sure they are.

Supported languages

Currently Label UP! supports English language, but we are working on extending our language base. Check out this documentation page to see updates.

Open a feature request via our support channel to let us know what languages you’d like us to support. We’d like to hear from you! (seriously)

Label suggestions

Label UP! provides you with a list of label suggestions that are recommended for the page based on its content. Every suggestions comes with a relevance indicator as a percentage value of its importance.

Our pick

Label UP! presents you with the top 5 label high relevance label suggestions. These suggestions are considered the “must-haves” for the page.

How to get better label suggestions?

When Label UP! analyzes the content to give you label suggestions, it also considers the title of the page. Making your title representative of the page will get you better label suggestions.

Label UP! also notices basic formatting elements. In order to get better label suggestions, do the following (where applicable):

  • split your text into meaningful paragraphs,

  • use Confluence Headings for sectioning your content (ex. Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.)

  • use Confluence Panel macros to make text stand out(ex. info, note, etc.)

  • format your text using emphasized font (ex. bold, italic, etc.)

Page content within a Code macro or formatted as Code is not considered during the content analysis. If your content is significant, please change the formatting or extract it from the macro.

One-click apply the top labels

Open the Label UP! dialog clicking on the icon in the Page tools section.

Label UP! will provide you with a list of suggested labels, Our Pick.

Review the suggestions and confirm by clicking on I want these button. Clicking on More button will bring to the advanced label selection dialog.

Label UP! will only show you suggestions that are not already present as labels on the page.

If all of the labels of Our Pick already exist on page, the list will be empty and you can access the advanced label selection dialog by clicking on More labels button.

Advanced label selection

You can access the advanced label selection dialog from the inline One-click dialog by clicking on More button.

There are three sections in the advanced dialog:

  1. Suggested labels - a list of all suggestions found for your page, ordered by their relevance

  2. Currently on page - a list of Confluence labels present on the page (i.e. created previously)

  3. Your pick - a list of labels that are currently selected and will be created if you click on the Add button

The suggested labels section contains a full list of suggestions, not only the Top ones. Select a label from the suggested labels by clicking on it.

After a label has been selected, it will appear in the Your pick section. This section initially contains all of Our Pick top rated label suggestions pre-selected for you. Only the labels that are not already on the page will be there.

You can deselect them and any other selected label by clicking on the cross button of each label.

The Reset button will reset the Your pick field to its original value. If there are top Our pick suggestions available, they will be pre-selected. Otherwise the field will be emptied.

The Currently on page section shows a list of labels that are currently present on the Confluence page. The list is a helpful reference when selecting new labels to add to the existing ones.

Once you are happy with your label selection in the Your pick field, confirm your choice by clicking on the Add button and the labels will be created on the page.

Use the Close button if you do not wish to proceed.